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You're an expert.

Maybe you already know this, but if not, we are here to let you know that you are. Not only are you an expert, but your knowledge can be shared with others to help them improve their code, learn new technologies, and stay relevant in the world of software development.

At, we want to help people build better software and level-up their careers as developers.

We don't like long drawn out lectures. We prefer to show instead of tell. We want to see the code, and not a slide show of bullet points.

An egghead lesson respects the time of the person trying to learn something new. We are busy professionals, with a small amount of time to devote to the continued education required in the field of software development.

Our mission is to make programmers badass. :punch:

An egghead instructor is a working professional that builds software for a living. We aren't "embroidered polo shirt" trainers that spend more time teaching than doing.

We code.

We have users.

We understand what it takes to ship software.

When we think of what an instructor is we picture a person that loves to learn. That explores new technologies, and gets enjoyment when their exploration and discovery can be shared with others to help them as well. An egghead instructor is a person that loves to write code.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. We are here to help you become an egghead instructor. We will tell you all of our "secrets", provide feedback, and guide you along the way to getting your first lesson published.

Getting invited to teach on

We are on the lookout for new instructors. People doing interesting things and showing those things to other people. We try to stay current on the state of web development, and what will be interesting to our subscribers in 6 months to a year as well as right now.

We read Github like the Daily News, checking out new libraries and tools. Pouring over new projects, looking at issues, and seeing what conversations are taking place.

We also spend time on Twitter, Hacker News, and Reddit. Not to mention the various "_ Weekly" email newsletters that keep us up to date about specific technologies as they emerge over time.

But, we definitely don't catch everything! If you would like to make content and have it published on, we accept "audition" videos. Read the guide to get an idea of what is expected, post it on YouTube and send us a link on Twitter.

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