What is egghead.io?

egghead.io is a website dedicated to providing high quality, concise web development screencasts.

Our primary mission is to help make the web a better place for us all. We've got a deep love for open-source software and the communities that surround the work being done in that area. Like many people reading this, we owe so much to the efforts of the amazing humans that contribute to open-source software every single day.

An egghead.io screencast is different from other screencasts.

We don't like long drawn out lectures. This means that we keep it concise, with minimal "fluff". Somebody watching egghead.io screencasts is busy, and we respect their time very much.

We prefer to show instead of tell. This means that egghead instructors strive to demonstrate, and avoid long periods where they talk at you. Instead they are doing and building, explaining along the way.

An egghead lesson focuses on the code. That's what people are here to see.

We teach by doing, and egghead lessons don't contain PowerPoint slides filled with bullet points.

Our mission is to make programmers more badass 👊

Who are egghead instructors?


We're always looking for interesting humans that are doing cool things in web development.

What is an "interesting thing"?

For us this has been a wide range of activities.

We are web developers first. This means that we work hard to stay informed of modern patterns and practices on a daily basis. To do so, it means paying attention, keeping current with the industry through blogs, Github Issues, StackOverflow questions and answers, Reddit, Twitter, and any other nook and cranny we can find on the internet.

One common trait all of these channels share is a sub-population of truly helpful, kind, generous, and hard-working individuals that make a difference every single day. These people might be seasoned industry veterans, they might just be starting out their career, or anything in between. They write thoughtful comments, contribute to documentation and/or code, write useful blog posts, answer questions in a caring way...

That's who we want teaching on egghead.io.

If this sounds like you, keep reading. We are here to help you become an egghead instructor. We will tell you all of our "secrets", provide feedback, and guide you along the way to getting your first lesson published.

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