Become an egghead Instructor instructors typically join after receiving an invitation. We spend a lot of time and effort teaching new instructors how to create screencasts and develop content for egghead members.

We also look at “audition” videos, the most successful of which come from people who have applied what we present in this guide and its supporting materials. We want to see a demonstration of a clear understanding of the egghead style applied to the audition video. The best way to do that is to read this guide, and watch a lot of excellent egghead lessons. We recommend starting with John Lindquist, who co-founded egghead and is arguably one of the best screencast instructors to be found on the internet.

What to expect when you're invited to egghead

If you have been invited to you should receive an email with a link to create an instructor profile. The instructor profile doesn't become public until you've published a lesson, but it does allow you full and free PRO access to all lessons and courses. This includes pre-release content! This access is for life, with no strings attached.

The contributor contract

Along with the instructor profile, you will be asked to review and e-sign our standard instructor contract. You can take a look at it here, and review it with your lawyer if you'd like. We are more than happy to discuss custom contracts for special circumstances, but we've gone out of our way to present a contract that protects you fully as a content producer.

Joining Slack

Once you have created an instructor profile, you will receive an invitation to our Slack channel. It's a great room where we discuss all things related to web development, and enjoy banter with lots of interesting humans. Much like your lifetime PRO access to egghead content, your access to the Slack room is for life as well. We ask all participants to follow a general, common-sense code of conduct like this, but for a Slack room (don’t be a jerk!). That said, we haven't had any (and don't expect to have any) issues in that regard. Our Slack is a warm safe place filled with lots of kind and helpful people like yourself 😄

Your instructor mentor

Your success is the number one priority at We want you to create world-class screencasts in the bite-sized format that members expect. We've found that it is a huge help to have somebody work closely with you for the first few lessons you create, and continue to help you for as long as you need it.

To help achieve this, you are paired with an instructor mentor that will assist you and provide the support and feedback you need to get those first lessons published as painlessly as possible. Your mentor will be a seasoned instructor that knows the ropes and will guide you through the shortcuts so that you avoid the common pitfalls that you might run into otherwise. As with most things, screencasting is a hard earned skill, so depending on your experience you might need more support from your mentor. Don't hesitate to ask questions!

Alongside your mentor, you will also have direct access to egghead's founders John Lindquist and Joel Hooks to help ensure your continued success. They are 100% dedicated to you and the rest of the egghead instructors. You are their first priority. Period.

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