You only need to record 30 seconds

Before you get too far along and start recording your first lesson, we want to see a 30 second clip. Just 30 short seconds will provide us with a ton of information to help you get started recording your first full length egghead lessons.

With a 30 second video, you will get feedback on the visual style of your recording to help nail down the basic technical aspects of recording.

By recording just 30 seconds, you will have a shorter feedback loop and avoid rerecording, which can be very frustrating when you're first starting out.

Pick a Topic to Record for 30 Seconds

This topic can be anything that would be interesting to web developers, and since it isn't intended for publication, you should keep it simple. Some quick examples might include:

  • Adding elements to an array
  • Using variables in JavaScript Template Strings
  • Centering Elements in a DIV

Any of these topics would be great. Maybe you already have something else in mind, that is fine too. Just picking something and get started.

Share your topic in Slack!

Start with the code

Before you record your 30 second clip, create your example. This is a before and after of what you plan to record. If you are demonstrating a concept in code, then provide that code in two states. It will be a small diff that will explain at a glance what your 30 seconds will teach.

For simple topics, the "before" might be a blank screen. That's fine.

Share the code before and after in Slack using a Github Gist.

What we're looking for

At this point, you don't need to be too concerned about subject matter. You want to dial in your:

  • basic style
  • screen dimensions
  • font sizes
  • color schemes

You can find details about setting up your computer and preparing your screen here.

Share a screenshot of your screen setup in Slack.

Hit Record

You've got a topic. You've got the code. You're screen is setup and ready to go.

Now, you need to record your screen and walk us through your code from start to finish, explaining along the way.

Don't worry about it. Don't edit it. Don't fuss over it.

Share your video in Slack

Perfection isn't the goal

The egghead team is here to help and provide feedback, so just do your best, record 30 seconds, and share it in your instructor Slack channel for feedback. If something isn't clear, please let us know so we can get you back on track as soon as possible. You have decades of collective experience at your disposal.

What's next?

After a round or two of feedback, you will have the technical aspects of recording egghead lessons down pat. You will have a better understanding of the egghead style of recording, and by focusing on a mere 30-seconds you'll have a clearer understanding of the advantages to recording in small chunks with a tight feedback loop.

You're ready to record your first lesson.

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