Getting Paid for Your Lessons instructors receive royalties for their lessons. 💰

After you publish your first lesson, when the next pay period rolls around, you will get an email to set up direct deposit.

Royalties are paid at the beginning of the month, and reflect how many 30 second segments subscribers watched of your lessons in the previous month. We use PayPal or direct deposit to distribute royalties.

The amount you are paid depends on the overall gross subscription revenue, and how many 30 second segments were watched in total.

egghead_monthly_revenue * ( your_segments / total_segments ) * royalty_percent

This is the basic algorithm as it exists in Ruby.

It can range from "lunch money" to "paying the bills!", and varies mostly based on your catalog of lessons. Producing courses takes the most effort, but they also make the most money for instructors.

In general we favor the approach of making interesting and useful content versus min/maxing the numbers to squeeze the most dollars out of the content. We don't produce sponsored content or run ads on a regular basis.

Make more money teaching on

After you’ve made a few stand-alone lessons to practice and get the hang of creating content egghead style, it is only natural to be curious about how to make more royalties and deliver content that is watched more heavily than stand alone lessons.

The course is the bread and butter of It's what people ultimately want to see. People absolutely crave curation. That's what an course is curated knowledge.

We provide that, and developers have proven that they are willing to pay for it. When you first start out making an lesson or two, the royalties are... small. One off lessons float down and are more difficult to find. Developers looking to learn want curated chunks of information. One-off lessons are still awesome and have a very very long tail. They get picked up in Google searches and our own site search as well.

Our Angular 1 content is still huge believe it or not, and a lot of that is from one-offs that John made early on. But we know it is frustrating to work so hard on something (the first several screencasts are super freaking hard to make) and then see it fall flat to a slow trickle of revenue.

Many people create a lesson or two, and then stop. You see that in the first third of the chart. There are a variety of reasons people don't keep making lessons:

  • Way too freaking busy!
  • It just isn't for them.
  • It's hard af.
  • Can't think of what to record.
  • There's no real money in it.

All of these are completely valid, and we don't run a business that actively tries to pressure or extract extensive commitments from instructors. That said, we also want to eliminate barriers and provide a platform for you to share your expertise, help people make better careers through knowledge, and get everybody paid in the process.

Let's focus on the last one here for a minute. Getting paid.

One of the primary motivations for starting and building has always been to provide reliable recurring income for smart humans that want to share knowledge with other humans. This kind of income has so much potential. It changes the entire landscape of how you might view employment in general. If you're making $1000 a month from some content you made a year ago, what can that do for you? That's rent! (sorry for those folks that live in The Bay or NYC lol, you gotta work a little harder 😉) It could be the difference between staying in a gig that you hate and taking a position you truly love with an organization that can't afford talent of your caliber.

That's pretty cool.

Publishing a course on can start that stream of passive recurring revenue flowing. And after that one, publishing another will make the current flow stronger. One day you'll wake up and realize your day job is optional and you are working because you want to work, and not because you have to work.

Hopefully you are already in that position, but if not, we want to help you get there. We're totally obsessed, and will do everything we can to support and amplify our instructors.

You're freaking awesome. Period.

We're in this to have a job that we love, work with amazing diverse people across the globe, and help the masses improve their lives by learning how to develop software.

If you want to create a sustainable passive income stream by creating useful learning content for fellow developers, stick with us and we will make it happen.

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