egghead’s Publication Schedule

egghead lesson and course publication is discretionary, but we try to keep it sane and as transparent as possible.

An egghead course is like a carton of eggs, and individual eggs are like lessons.

We’ve got two types of content that we deliver for our users that you will be creating as an instructor. The first is the “core atom” of what we do, and that is the quick, bite-sized, stand-alone lesson. These are about 1-10 minutes long and require a simple title and summary to get started.

Publishing Quick Lessons

Quick lessons don’t take a lot of planning, and we keep a request list of topics we’d love to see updated if you’re ever stuck for an idea. You can also submit your own topics to record.

Once you’ve submitted the video for the lesson, it will be reviewed and approved for publication. Once the lesson is approved, the transcript is immediately ordered and it enters the automated publishing queue which publishes the next lesson at the top of the queue every week day. Each lesson generates a tweet that it has been published.

Often, especially with new instructors, we will move their lesson to the top of the queue. This gives them a quick win after going through the learning and review process typically involved with getting that first one done egghead style.

When an instructor has 12 published lessons, they gain the ability to review, approve, and publish their own content! We trust you to make sure the quality is high. You can still ask for review, or simply add your new lesson to the automated queue by approving it.

The next type of content we publish is the full-blown course.

Publishing Full Courses

For courses, we require more in-depth planning. Our courses are highly curated, and must be created following our guidelines. Don’t worry, we will work with you to get that done!

Once your proposal has been approved for production, you can start adding lessons to it.

Since egghead doesn’t enforce any deadlines on content, this often means that following a strictly first-in first-out is challenging. Instructors can work on a course for quite some time or bust it out over a weekend.

Because of this, we keep an eye on course progress, and will offer frequent encouragement and help as much as you need to get your course out the door. We also do full reviews of courses before publication to ensure that the titles and summaries will be easy to find on the internet, and spot any glaring omissions or errors in the actual lessons themselves.

Once the course is “lesson complete” it is added to the queue for custom artwork, and this will give you a better idea of when it will be published. The art isn’t something we compromise on, and really gives your hard work a beautiful accompaniment that egghead users have come to expect.

Once the artwork is complete, you can usually expect your course to be released shortly after, depending on the size of the queue.

Finally, each course gets a thoughtful email written about its content. During this process, we make a 'click here to tweet' link in the email enabling users to easily tweet about the course. This involves uploading your course image to twitter for easy access. Expect to be @mentioned by our egghead Course Images account leading up to the release of the course. Once that is ready the course is published, 250,000 humans are emailed, and announcements get made on Twitter/Facebook.

Typically we’ve released 1 course per week, but sometimes we will release more depending on the current queue and level of completion.

The Future

Improving this workflow is a top priority for egghead. We’ve got a dedicated team that works full-time to help you get published as painlessly as possible. It’s still a lot of work for you, and we know that you’re super busy.

To help, we are working on automation and tools that provide prompts to guide you through the process. Additionally, we are building in more “self-service” tools that will unlock as you publish more content, similar to the 12 lessons published to self-publish noted above.

We want to build lesson and course proposal and review tools more directly into the website, and give a more seamless user experience to you and the other egghead instructors.

It’s been a very short time since we were at the “put that in Dropbox and I’ll upload it to the site tomorrow” stage of publishing content. We want to thank you for your patience and hard-work as we make small incremental improvements consistently over time ❤️

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