Configure Screenflow Export Settings

Screenflow allows quite a bit of configuration while exporting videos. This configuration can be confusing as well as not work well with the post-production systems egghead put's the video file through.

To bring up the export interface, hit cmd+E or find the right button to click under the File dropdown close to the bottom:

Export a Video file

The following interface will be provided to you:

Shows Screenflow Export interface

You will want to manually configure the settings for exports so switch the Type to Manual and click the Customize... button that appears under the dialog.

Switch Manual and Hit the Customize button

Set the Framerate to 15 fps which will work for most screencasts and reduces file size quite a bit. If you are doing animation you might want to bump up to 30 fps. Datarate 6000 kbits/sec and Profile to Automatic

Set Codec to Hardware Accelerated Apple H.264 but Single-pass x264 will also work. Multi-pass x264 is slow.

For ACC Audio, bump up Datarate to 256 or 320, this will ensure the audio remains crispy. Set Stereo for Channels so will export for both speakers even if audio was recorded on one channel.

Adjust settings to how we want them

Set Resolution to 100% of the original. When Screenflow exports and scales, the result will be blurry. The video you upload will be processed by eggheads backend which corrects and shrinks the video file appropriately.

The one consideration to make is the bandwidth that you are working on. Upload to the highest scale possible for you when bandwidth is limited.

Set Resolution to 100%

And finally, uncheck LetterBox Content

Uncheck LetterBox Content

To save these settings, hit the cog next to the Type and Make Current Settings Default.

Save the Settings

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